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Alcohol Biosensor Study

Heavy drinking can be a key culprit in cognitive and memory disruptions, that often interfere with one’s daily life. Transdermal technology could be a critical step toward supporting people in making informed drinking decisions and, eventually, minimizing problematic alcohol use. This study seeks to assess the relationship between transdermal sensor technology and breathalyzer data as they relate to alcohol consumption in a controlled context. Participation in this study involves completing a phone screening for eligibility, attending three laboratory sessions, each lasting 5-9 hours, and completing ambulatory assessments with participation in daily breathalyzers and continual wear of the transdermal watch during everyday activities. Ambulatory participation in our study is effortless and capable on-the-go!


Couples Alcohol Intervention Study

Couples therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat alcohol problems. We’re investigating whether this treatment can be made even more effective by including transdermal alcohol biosensing bracelets. Our lab has spent years developing an algorithm that uses this technology to detect drinking episodes, and this among the first studies to incorporate these bracelets into a treatment program! This study may be suited for you and your partner if one or both of you struggle with drinking problems and are working towards abstinence. If you opt to participate, you and your partner will attend twelve 90-minute therapy telehealth sessions via video call. You will also wear a transdermal alcohol sensor throughout the 12 weeks of the study and respond to prompts on your smartphone between sessions. Please note that these therapeutic procedures should be considered experimental, and their effectiveness when delivered remotely has not been assessed.


Alcohol Friend Group Study

The study we’re conducting right now looks at the effects of alcohol on cognitive and emotional processes in social drinkers and heavy social drinkers. Participation in this study involves completing a phone screening and attending one laboratory session lasting 6-9 hours (5 hours of experimental tasks + monitoring period). During the lab session, we’ll ask you to fill out some questionnaires and also engage in some tasks and activities. If you complete all study requirements and keep the original lab appointment you scheduled with us, you will get $100. To participate in our study, you must be at least 21 years of age (and no older than 30) and able and willing to consume alcohol (ID required). This study also involves friend groups, and so we will ask for same-gender friend referrals as part of this study.

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